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Forensic Document Examiner

If you're representing someone in a court case or are prosecuting a case that involves any type of documentation, you want to be sure to consult a true forensic document examiner. This type of professional can be absolutely invaluable when it comes to your arguments and to your client's case, or to your prosecution.Why is this? Why hire a forensic document examiner for your case, especially considering how many other witnesses and experts you may already have on your witness list? It's also important to ask this question when you don't think the validity of a document will be called into question, since the monies you have for your expert witnesses will need to be spent wisely. If you don't think the validity of documents will be questioned, why have a forensic document examiner even look at them much less testify about them?

Validating your claims

When you don't think that there will be question about the validity of a document, it's still good to consider the services of a forensic document examiner just so that they can validate your claims. It's one thing to bring a document into evidence, but it's quite another to have an expert witness testify to the signature, the writing, or any part of the information it contains. This type of testimony from a forensic document examiner can really add weight to your case with a jury and can ensure that the other party does not make claims against that documentation.

Explaining the information and claims

When it comes to documents and information they contain, it's easy to simply state that their forged or that they're valid, but a jury may not understand how you arrive to that conclusion. And expert forensic document examiner is typically skilled at their work but also in explaining their work to the average person. They can go over all the details of those documents and their information and explain how they arrived at their conclusions to a jury so they have no questions about that claim. Hearing these details from a forensic document examiner can help them to better understand why you're making the claims you're making and can help them to believe the testimony at hand.

The importance of documents

In most court cases, every detail of every piece of evidence is picked apart and called into question by attorneys. You cannot underestimate the importance of documents in your case, no matter the type. Bringing in a forensic document examiner to testify as to the information contained in that document or as to the validity of signatures and writing will be crucial to your case, no matter which side you're on. Failing to do this when the other side enters these documents into evidence can also be a mistake, as a good forensic document examiner can help to water down the case of the opposing side. Understanding these important points of a forensic document examiner can help you to determine if their services are right for you.

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